About us

...BUT Who is Mana lab?

The truth? Until the texts for the site were needed, it’s not like we even knew who we were and what our story was, not well at least.

We had to wonder about it, and if you want to cast your mind back, the idea of Mana Lab, comes from way back: the desire to create has been with us forever, or at least since we were old enough to wonder what we wanted to do in life. Well, it’s not like life cares that much about that answer, the same one that took and carried us around a little bit as she wanted and, to be honest, a little bit as we let her.

Until 2020, when nothing was comprehensible anymore, about either life or frankly anything else. The carousel we got on and which had somewhat enchanted and nauseated us had stopped: all locked in, with nothing to do, for the first time aware of the time we had, but not only that: we got aware of how we were using it, how quickly it was passing and how precious it was. At that point, the answer to that old question took on real weight, it wanted to be heard, and it was no longer possible to ignore our aspirations and desires.

You then say to yourself: now I am going to create something beautiful, meaningful, to live by and to share with as many people as possible.
Of course! This is even trivial but between words and deeds, however, there has been a sea of events and steps to be taken: the creation of a team, the tacking of a project, the doubts, fears and
setbacks. At the threshold of 2023 that moment came, the very one from the movies: Mana Lab either had to see the light or end up permanently on a dusty shelf with other beautiful ideas that maybe could be realized but in the end we could not really believe in, like the bar in Costa Rica. But we are no longer the kids who dreamt of dropping everything and opening a bar in Costa Rica.

By now we are big kids, with a real project. And Mana Lab is not a bar.
We start with what we know: metal, add what we have: experience in 100% made-in-Italy handcrafted creation, move toward the point where what we imagine becomes what we create, and hope, along the way, to meet those who can share our vision, thus making it come to life.

Oh, who is Mana then? This remains a secret, that if we tell you everything, you will lose interest!

Do you have any questions for us?

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