Iron furniture and decorations: Saturn shelf

Saturn shelf

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What is the right direction? It is not for us to decide, with our “Saturn” shelf you decide. In fact, its unique three-dimensional shape allows you to turn it around and hang it on the side you like best! Also remember that since it is made of metal, you allow yourself to take advantage of any surface with magnets!

Dimensions: 50x50x20

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Sculptural metal shelf with several possible installation positions.

Minute variations in size, weight, texture and color can be attributed to the handcrafting of each piece – these are handmade creations, 100% made in Italy!


Installation of our shelves is super easy and the screws, including dowel, will always be included in the package and matched to your chosen color for the best possible aesthetic result!

Behind handcrafted objects there is a process that cannot be seen, but it is there.

The habit of buying items delivered in 24 hours takes value and attention away from what you are really buying. We try to value things, time and people.

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